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Know Both Sides

The circle has an outside And an inside, too. Choose one side and you can do Anything there, on that side. But the circle knows You won’t collide With the other side. Cold air in the atmosphere Thin skin ‘tween you and pain. You are safe on the inside. That skin is on a plane. […]

Ignore The Unconvinced

He was Yep I know that. Smarter than shit. Whatever you had, he Could deal with it. But life, don’t ask him. Cause Buddy don’t know. Buddy just drivin’ dat Limo doh.

Exit Same As Entrance

Mama you’re going home. Your brothers and sister Remember? You kissed her? And then your sister went her way. It wasn’t the best, okay? But it’s just a play and Mama, you say It is what it damn well is.

To Say Two Smart Things In A Conversation, Buddy, You ask Too Much!

Jesus Christ talked a mile a minute. Like ideas were time with him not in it. We thought – Jesus, he’s on something… Saying it over and over again. Like maybe he’s all in. Jesus talks through his grin. Jesus knows who all sin. Oh ya, Jesus knows who sin.

Give Placebo A Chance

Love won’t hardly touch lower back torture. A friendly visit don’t do shit to fix that knee. You just need to take a walk. Maybe pep yourself a talk. How bout knock that bullshit off… Maybe stop complaining? Put your faith in magic water. The kind you bless, you really oughta – Direct your power […]

God Licks The Nape Of Yer Neck

Brrr! Said god but No one answered back. They were stuck in the moment. Held by great green krack. They were feeling felt As if they just got back From a journey only given to Those great green krackers. See? Feel your face? That mask upon your face? Feel your bones as reminders that They’ll […]

Livin’ It Up In The Hallway

See, existence ain’t just life and To live is a part of existing. Pick your room. Enter woomb. Big bam-boom! You see soon but Sheeoot! What was it I was thinking? Must be cause I’s drinking. People round me winking. Is this room just thinking? I can wink out? I can wink in? But the […]

No, You Can’t Prevent Forrest Fires.

Fuck Smokie The Bear! Fucking Smokie knows bare Faced lies when he sees ’em. Smokie’s our friend. To the bitter end. Smoke says lick ’em If ya got ’em. Lick ’em out!

Know You Don’t Know Shit

Hum-bo. Say it. Say it lots. Maybe humbo will be Your thoughts. Maybe you smile more. And nod to another. You treat every person as A father or mother. A sister. A brother. Like you, the other. And there you’ll discover Humble.

Bout To Fool You

Make my voice. My photograph. Order shit ‘n send It back. Transact this and Transact that. That ain’t me an you know it!

When The Future Comes In Chunks Almost Too Big To Swallow

Momma read a story because Billy couldn’t read. Showed him how to bathroom so his jammies wasn’t peed. Taught Bill how to wipe his arse without even looking. Told him to attract a wife or he’d do all the cooking. Got Bill up to attend school cause Billy didn’t wanna. Said Billy get a paycheck […]

Buddy, Can You Spare A Lesson?

Wow you don’t see reality. Don’t you see? You don’t see! Reality. It ain’t what you took it to be. See… Reality is made a more than thee and thee Can’t see that tree For the forrest. See? Barry

Dancing The Real Time Schadenfreude

  I won’t turn my back on you, no. Becausa what you’ll do. You’ll go through With An unthought-out plan. Another also ran. Just because you can. Doin’ the same thing Cracked bell you ring Won’t stop the fight ding. I keep my eye on you boy. Barry    

The Path Will Beat You Back

  Said, kids, don’t follow my footsteps. I bin walkin’ backwards for some time. Was losing myself, or so I thought. ‘Til I came upon my own back-side. So loop if you want to follow but Lean to the right a bit. ‘Cause your circle of concern will widen Only if you hit the ditch. […]

Take Your Seat In The Collective Unconscious

  Little one misses her papa. Mama misses papa, too. Papa’s at work in a job he hates but What’s a poor papa to do? Papa works hard for his family. Even though he stays away. The very damn thing that papa wants Keeps him distant from it every day. Little one loves her papa. […]

It’s Just A Step To The Left

  There’s a cycle and you are in it. Lunar, circadian. You might be Canadian. Ultra, ultradian. There you go, you say it again! Quick now, stick to your march! Make your way through Human Dead Arch. Remember though, as you go, Whether it be fast or slow, You’re cycling through the moment… whoa! Barry

In Alive Out Dead. In Alive Out Dead. In Alive Out Dead.

  See, it’s born and in and Dead and out and If you die at birth then That’s in through out and If you die like a baby You’re out through in and If you keep doing that then Where to begin? Barry Harald Kautz Vella Explains Black Goo