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Dancing The Real Time Schadenfreude

  I won’t turn my back on you, no. Becausa what you’ll do. You’ll go through With An unthought-out plan. Another also ran. Just because you can. Doin’ the same thing Cracked bell you ring Won’t stop the fight ding. I keep my eye on you boy. Barry    

The Path Will Beat You Back

  Said, kids, don’t follow my footsteps. I bin walkin’ backwards for some time. Was losing myself, or so I thought. ‘Til I came upon my own back-side. So loop if you want to follow but Lean to the right a bit. ‘Cause your circle of concern will widen Only if you hit the ditch. […]

Take Your Seat In The Collective Unconscious

  Little one misses her papa. Mama misses papa, too. Papa’s at work in a job he hates but What’s a poor papa to do? Papa works hard for his family. Even though he stays away. The very damn thing that papa wants Keeps him distant from it every day. Little one loves her papa. […]

It’s Just A Step To The Left

  There’s a cycle and you are in it. Lunar, circadian. You might be Canadian. Ultra, ultradian. There you go, you say it again! Quick now, stick to your march! Make your way through Human Dead Arch. Remember though, as you go, Whether it be fast or slow, You’re cycling through the moment… whoa! Barry

In Alive Out Dead. In Alive Out Dead. In Alive Out Dead.

  See, it’s born and in and Dead and out and If you die at birth then That’s in through out and If you die like a baby You’re out through in and If you keep doing that then Where to begin? Barry Harald Kautz Vella Explains Black Goo