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Buddy Finds His Cycle

Ya, he had a plan. Buddy always planned. Planned like a wise man. Knowing plans backfire. Plans borne of liars. Lying all day to themselves. Planning when they know damn well. No plan meets the enemy. Especially when the enemy Is a big plan maker. A planning faker. And then Buddy blames the plan Not […]

Buddy Gets Asked To Come To Town

Buddy has bad days. Some days good. Not really sure if more days could Be bad or better cause chaos reigns Reigns on every parade. Like Buddy and others have said… This is a puzzle and ye that confuzzle Shit will make a shitstorm. Hanging their heads so forlorn. Like they had no hand in […]

Old Unvaxxed

Buddy was an idiot, retarded, a lunatic. Couldn’t go to rest-a-rants. No line up for lottery. No food not made by yourself. Less it’s take out. You not author of new shout. Hey! You bring that shit to me!

Getting Down To Biz-iness

Buddy ain’t punch no goddamn clock. That shit rocks The normal. Buddy just half smart Makes for a plain smart Don’t hafta then cart Some unproven opinion. Buddy just some damn minion. Don’t look at that bitch. Cause you will soon wish You didn’t see them snakes. See it just once, it takes The wind […]

You Don’t Build A Business, The Business Builds You.

Buddy was tired And so worn out. Done with the struggle Thinking about Maybe take a breather, But neither, the breather Or retuned reciever Will fill the glass half full. So close your eyes until Buddy relaxes Faces the fact that He’s not working it. It’s working him.

Remembering Evil

That guy who hit my mom He was my dad. Best guy as a dad I ever had. Watching him at work It made me sad. Violence was his tool. Shouting, he could fool Weakness into anybody Confused, they’d wonder if he Was honing in on them? This guy who was their friend? Is this […]

You Own Shit And Are Unhappy

Buddy hadda house A boat, a car. Hadda little bank account. Wouldn’t go far. Buddy hadda go ta work. Punchin’ dat clock. Hadda little pension there. Thought it was locked Up, like the future Buddy didn’t have. A clue about Tomorrow Land Or that he’d be glad When all his shit was gone.

When Happiness Goes

Same damn deck. Same damn yard. Why is happiness so damn hard? Try to wring it out of booze. Struggle but I often lose My way and which was that? Buddy ain’t no going back. Mister Nice Guy is dead.

Hierarchy In Heaven

Please say no. Say no, No, NO! Don’t say it out loud. Not in a crowd Where it’s allowed Is in you. No is trying to win you. To it’s side where you’ll collide With reality. Where you will see. There is none, it’s one to one.

I Am That Guy

Jesus, I don’t want to work today. Can the shit just stay Suspended? We’ll end it With a good, clear glance. And, by happenstance. If one should fall, Then please, just call, Someone who gives a shit.

Your Best Parasites

They’re not going to kill you. Not gonna drink your blood. Gonna tickle you with kindness. Hit you with a flood Of shit so good, you’ll shit your pants. That’s when they send the shit eaters. And You can’t do that! neithers. They’ll stop you in your tracks boy. They’ll say them tracks ain’t yours. […]

A Hundred People And Only One Story

There were limo driving spies With windows made of eyes Say the wrong thing here And Pally, have no fear. Youll hear it every year. Like a warped hillbilly cheer. And ya, it’s kinda weird. An octopus with many mouths But only got one ear.

Handbaskets In Hell

They were looking for treasure To bring back the pleasure Of searching and finding To replace this grinding Of tissue and bone They were all on their own Standing shoulder to shoulder And no one was bolder than His shoulder comrade. And tho they were sad They smiled through their sorrow There was always tomorrow […]

Sure, Take The Emotion From Life.

Buddy was a robot. He got Into no trouble. He had a double. Every robot was the same. Learn the game. And act artificially intelligent.

De Anger Director

Holy shit, he could choke the shit Out of that fucking twit. That twit who gives a shit Bout those who care. And then how dare You say you care When you were never there! But you were everywhere Else. You selfish goddamn prick! You’re in the thick of it And I hope that growing […]

Don’t Get Bowled Over By The Rolling Heads

Listen before you cross rock canyon. The boulders whisper softly. At times they seem so awfully Nice but they ask twice And then the beggars will roll on you. There won’t be time for you to do Shit, and you won’t want to… You’ll be all washed up Like a sailer in his cups While […]

Forever Alone But Wait No

He was by himself. They were, too. Friends for sure but not close to Each other, the other Was only words. And noises heard from A shiny, flat teller. Where the heller? Is it now, because, He was lost! That thing cost His whole life! That’s right! Living in a missing flat thing.

Civil Society Actors

On the six o’clock news. His work buddy’s views. Opinions he will choose What to think. Take a drink Of the koolaid. Hey look pally, they made Your favorite flavour! So come on bud, savor What you want, What you flaunt, And you know it.

Gof Aster

Five guys died on the Hoover Dam. Then ten, then twenty and Good goddamn! A hundred damn men In the Hoover Dam! Believed in a dream that Consumed alotta man. Man after man after man after man! Turn on your toaster cause You damn well can. But… A hundred more men, Buried at a dam […]

If Jeffrey Epstein And John McAfee Try To Kill Me

Don’t look for footprints Fingerprints, carpet fibers. No special rope knots or Casts of tires. No investigation of blatant liars. You gotta look at the truth. Bin hunting me since my youth. Long hair kick me outa my troop. Coulda bin a good soldier with long hair. Marchin’ lead good boy budday don’t care. Then […]

T’wasn’t What We Taught

A rock, I caught the very edge of it. Damn near hit but it saw fit To ricochet in a brand new way Set a brand new day Said it’s fine okay And none did say Boy, I see the end of us.

It’s Always Been You Against The World

That breath you first took. You took it from the world. Yes, you gave it back but That breath came to the world A little bit different. It was bent. A bit like you. And you came through That breath. Like death. You slip in and Right back out of here In every breath Life […]

When Gods Aren’t Enough

The Lord had a son. Sent the son-of-a-gun Sent him down here to run. But the work he had done Was never, ever done! We redid, we redid, we redid it! But the work wouldn’t stick. Even laid it on thick! With lightning and thunder! Threats of tossing asunder A bus, any bus, so watch […]

Too Smart

You are stupid. Just enough. To know that there is fairway rough. You will use the first damn club To knock your notion home. Pally, you have grown Outside yourself Where chocolate melts And you ain’t have a lick yet.

Mom, Don’t Phone The Cops.

Nine one one, nine one one. Someone’s mind is on the run. Someone has come all undone. Now they’ve taken all the fun Outa livin by yourself. Now you went and dealt Us a losing hand. Mom. Don’t phone the cops. You do that tops The list of No Can Do Cause they’ll take you […]

Manufacturing Hope

They seemed like they were in love. Holding hands and talking alot. But then I saw them chained together. Seems like they had been caught. Trying to run away Gonna run not pay. They had had their say. But now, today… They were on their way To the magistrate. But they couldn’t wait. They were […]

About Face

Hey, that name? I AM NAMELESS! And that home? I AM HOMELESS! And that truth? I AM TRUTHLESS! And you seem… I AM SEAMLESS! You don’t dream? I AM DREAMLESS! But you scheme… I’M NOT SCHEMELESS! Do you breathe? I AM BREATHLESS! Oh, now I see… (i am unseeable)

Look Behind. See Forward.

You have crossed The Rubicon. You have gone beyond sing song. You are now in don’t stay long. Lost now found. Nearly drowned. You went down But came up. Now you see What’s beneath What made this tick You got through it And now you whisper Holy!

Culture As Epigenetics

This woman had ideas. But her thoughts weren’t as free as They ought to be. She could see Tomorrow. The sorrow… The window… the candle, That she lit. Shone brightly and nightly Drew to it. T’was their ship… The candle, it beckoned. She reckoned. It was them…

How To Stop Unnecessary Bawling

Hold your tongue. Don’t come undone. It’ll be no fun If you crater… You’ll come to, sometime later. You’ll sidestep Mister Hater. No bruising to heal. No kids that squeal. That grandpa can’t control his anger.