Epigenetic Engineering – Time To Bend And Blow Our Own Damn Horns

There’s a good chance we wear different clothing than our parents.

We live in separate towns, listen to different music and eat a different diet.

In fact, even ejecting from the loins of our parents we are different from them in many ways, most which lie just beyond the limen of awareness.

Interestingly, many of these differences were generated not by us or our caregivers.

But by marketers interested in garnering our attention and benevolence.

So if our lives are influenced and programmed by others we should.

Consider our own roles in developing our existence.

Through empathetic direct understanding that.

We become what ourselves & others want.

And when what we desire of ourselves.

Exceeds that demanded by others.

We’ll get what we want and.

It will seem like nothing.

We’ve ever needed.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


We’re not all right and we’re not alright and over the next 32 minutes you’ll learn how all that can be altered.

See how here:


The Airborne Toxic Event – Changing

All these buckets of rain, I’ve heard enough about. You say that I lied.
I am a gentleman didn’t I ask for a place I could stay? What were we both thinking?
The next part just got in the way. You were just always talking about changing.
What if I was the same then, the same I always was?

All these things that you say, like I’ll forget about the mind-numbing games that you play.
I am a gentleman, didn’t I pay for every laugh every dime, every bit every time and then you feed me some line.
I won’t hear one more word about changing.
Guess what I am the same man, same that I’ve always been.

Days pass and turn into weeks, when we don’t even speak. We just lay wide awake and pretend we’re asleep.
You go home alone and you’re checking your phone and you’re looking at me like I’m something you own.

All these buckets of rain, you can’t forget about it, you say I never tried.
I am a gentleman, didn’t I answer every time that you call, pick you up when you fall
But you never listen at all
You were just always talking about changing.
Guess what I am the same man.

Lyrics courtesy: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/t/the_airborne_toxic_event/changing.html



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