Every Worthwhile Project Consumes Its Creator But Some Don’t Chew Their Fodder

at which point i will mount him

Most folks have little indication of their impending doom.

And ‘nobody moves, nobody gets hurt’ is the cultural sentiment of cautious survivors desiring longer lives that expresses the fact that shakers and movers are taking a risk and it’s likely bigger than they think.

The fact is that our endeavours can and often do ravage the individuals who initiate them, making it incumbent upon the purveyor to ensure that their pursuits are noble and they have counted the cost. Cause for sure there is one.

No pregnant woman plans to expire during childbirth and initiators begin their discoveries in a similar vein but some of them soon start pushing the perimeters of sound thinking toward wildly uncertain outcomes.

As a result, history is littered with the abbreviated existence of unfortunate perceivers who failed to heed the truth about people being devoured by their aspirations.

Every human, whether blazing new trails or polishing the path of others, must recognize and prepare for shite to go sideways

because ignorance of the future spells suffering of the

most cruel and needless variety. As creators it is

imperative that we understand the gravity

of our choices and remind ourselves at

all times that everything we say or

do can and will be held against

us in evolution’s response.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Moronic and elevators don’t mix. See why here:



5 Responses to “Every Worthwhile Project Consumes Its Creator But Some Don’t Chew Their Fodder”

  1. It kills me not to write and sometimes that’s a good thing.


  2. When I imagine the grief that some of these inventions have caused, I wonder who wrote the book of love.


  3. Planning to cause pain. So much of what we do is aimed at that. Whether to ourselves – no pain no gain – or others.



  4. Brrrr! Just to think that evolution is keeping track.

    Why not I tink of dis b4?


  5. Fucking Hoover Dam = 112 lives consumed.

    Boy, we humans know value!



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