Everyone Has Auditory Hallucinations But Few Folks Listen For The Message

You Imagine A House, I See Your Mom's RoomHearing something when nothing is said is a wondrous talent.

This is an important skill I am striving to develop.

On the other hand, perceiving something different from that which is intended is fairly easy & normal.

Lots of folks do it and most everyone lends an ear to this inclination sooner or later.

Never-the-less, every hallucination carries with it some deeper meaning that often is tough to decipher.

And that’s exactly when being able to fantasize stuff matters the most.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Something weird. That’s what’s going on.


Oliver Sacks knows a thing or two about hallucinating. In this video he discusses some fascinating implications of biological causes.

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  1. I will conform with this.

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