Ezine Article Stats Update November 20, 2010

For my author friends who are developing themselves as writers on ezinearticles, here are my most recent stats:

Barry Williams Ezine Author Stats november 20, 2010

Seems that learning how to get new ideas is just a tad more important than learning about duct tape…


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

17 Responses to “Ezine Article Stats Update November 20, 2010”

  1. Hi Barry,

    I need to pull my finger out when it comes to articles, I have a few on ezine but really should be putting in more effort.

    Your stats are impressive Barry, have you been writing them long?

    When you submit an article do you just use ezine or post to many? I tend to post to ezine first then the following day i post the same articles to about a dozen directories.

    Like i said though Barry i really do need to put in more effort on my articles, and seeing your stats has given me the nudge i needed, thanks mate.

    Keep up the great work Barry

    The other one 😉
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  2. @Barry Wells, I’ve written a grand total of TWO articles. 🙄 I got off to a flying start, then forgot about it. Another thing I’ve got to get into my weekly routine.

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  3. @Barry Wells,
    Thanks Barry.

    I started writing articles a few months ago but haven’t added new articles for a couple of months.

    After the thousands of words I have provided in articles and on this blog, I am going to focus my time on producing products which will actually have an impact on people’s lives.

    Thanks so much for your support, Barry. I really appreciate it.

    The other Barry.

  4. I’ve thought many things about you Barry, but the main one is PROLIFIC! You can write, and you should write a lot. Keep this activity going and I’m sure the rewards will come. Not straight away maybe, but it will come. 😉

    John McNally recently posted..FREE eBay Tools CHECKLIST

  5. @John McNally,

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments John and the best part is Barry enjoys writing and is very talented at it as you will no doubt agree after reading his latest work on humour.

    We all have talents in which we excel and should use them instead of trying to be good at everything.


  6. @Bill Murney,
    Bill, the support I have enjoyed from you has been fantabulous!

    Your research provides such sparkling concepts that all I have to do is notice how they all fit together and then plunk them down.

    The expectation and regular activity you bring to our projects is the force that allowed us to produce our first book and for that, I am forever grateful to you.

    Like all people who dream of writing, I feared that I would never be able to complete a book and without your guidance, I’d still be adding to the first one…

    It may be short but it packs a punch and its filled with things I’ve wanted to shout out to the world for years. We’re gonna change some lives with these books Bill.

    Thank you brother.


  7. @John McNally,
    Even though I’m not totally certain what prolific means (something to do with anti-abortion, I believe…) I certainly accept your view of my reality on account of you have been and are a fabulous supporter of mine and when your fingers move, I look.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you mister.


  8. Hey Barry, Your ezine stats are lou-keen good mahn! The titles alone are compelling and may explain why your getting so many clicks as well. Could you drop a link to your ezine page so we can read your work there?

    I’ve been very good at coming up with article and post titles but not so good at adding content to same ;-(

    However, I just recently learned from Jonny “windy city” Andrews about a so called pre-sell or warm-your-audience technique whereby he places an article on one of his niche specific blogs that solves a problem and adds a link to -read more- at the bottom of the article which links to another pre-sell article located on the same site (a cool inter-linking technique)and that article also has a little text link (call to action)at the bottom stating something like “click here if you’d like to learn more about frog hunting” and that link goes to a simple squeeze page with an opt-in form and a free report on preparing frog legs.

    And finally when the visitors opt-in they are taken directly to a sales page with an offer that naturally relates directly to solving the original problem but only more so. Whew, there – now we both know lol. If I’m not mistaken the same warm-up technique would also work very well with ezine article traffic with only one change and that is to send your article traffic to the second pre-sell article on your site instead of the first one which is essentially the same as the ezine article itself.

    Jonny explains it all in full video detail here >>>

    Enjoy my friend, Steve D.

  9. Thanks very much Steve.

    I haven’t watched the whole video yet but yes, he does provide some interesting information there.

    This is a great formula for keeping prospects interested without inundating them with sales material.

    Thanks for this Steve.


  10. As I come to understand article marketing, its success is not reliant on the quality of knowledge passed on to potential customers, instead it has to do more with the fluency and simplicity of marketing that information.

  11. Thanks Isaisas and I hope you’re right because the quality of my knowledge is lacking and I have lots of it…


  12. You have an amazing website. Keep up the great work.

  13. Thanks but what do I do with all my work that ain’t great? (which is about 80% of it…)

  14. Exceptional report! You certainly experienced my SU thumbs upward!

  15. My thoughts may possibly have got modified, but not the belief that I’m appropriate.

  16. Okay… Ding, you are now appropriate!

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