Grumpy Old Fucker 30 Day Experiment FINAL RESULTS

Thank gawd that stupid experiment is over!

Boy, it’s difficult trying to be happy for thirty daze straight (ahem) but I somehow managed to pull it off.

Here is what happened:

Day 1-13 – no probs. Smiling all over the place (which means I wasn’t growling) Kept track of my happiness level on a 1-5 scale with 5 being happy dappy. Most days I wore a 4 or sometimes 3 face.

Day 14-15 – forgot about the experiment when I was at my sister’s house. For two days I was an unhappy 2. Only remembered this experiment on the road back home.

Day 16-30 – Most days I ran a steady 4 for happiness but to shake things up a bit I got pissed off a couple of times and slipped to a 3.

Day 31-45 – Didn’t think of the experiment much during this time but whenever I did, it would be from a level 4 or at least 3. Being happy on purpose for many days in a row definitely had a positive effect on my homeostasis.

Day 46-60 – On day 44 I invited my old friend gout to infect my foot with hot coals. Couldn’t walk for several days and over the first couple my happiness level dropped to a 2 or 3. Then I started using a wheeled office chair to get around the house and could write and go pee when I wanted again. My happiness level slowly crept back up to a 4 even with the G man hanging around my ankle.

In the 30 days since the end of the experiment I have managed to mostly hang at a happiness level of 4 with the odd day at 3.

What I Learned

1. No one influences my happiness more than I do.

2. Pain does not have to permanently alter happiness. The ebb will flow.

3. Focusing on what weight I allow circumstances changes how much they can effect me.

4. I must accept total responsibility for my happiness.

5. Happy all the time is boring. Unhappiness plays a role in happiness.

6. People hate people who are happy all the time. It’s inhuman you retards.

7. What creates happiness can change dramatically. Just walking makes me happier now than before.

8. Contemplating my attitude allowed me to gauge why others feel as they do and slack cutting was easier.

9. Having a brief record of my daily attitude gave me insight into mood swings and imaginary causes of same.

10. The wife don’t have as much control of me as I thought 60 daze ago…

Onward Happy Soldiers

I am about half way through a 90 day promise that encompasses the happy thing and this one is about me losing my Big Gunt. The whole charade seems to be working and I’m half way to my weight goal of 195 lbs by August 1, 2012. Hopefully, my blood pressure follows suit…

Alright, that is all.

Stand at ease… and stand easy.



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  1. I fucking hate how that whole thing turned out but 2013 is a BRAND NEW YEAR MOTHERFUCKER!


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