Hammered Every Second Part 4: Get Your Degree

one degree in the bag

Piss-tanks and farmers about to be caught up in the gears of their combine need a Y.

Y is important because if life really is just a series of unconnected Planck length

time frames then we need a good reason to continue onto the next moment

instead of the one right next to it. This hesitation in forward motion

allows piss-tanks and farmers about to get caught up in the gears

of their combine time to ponder for a split second about how

things don’t have to be as they were and where can we

wind up with this one degree change in direction?

Like a sound we can’t quite place in physical

reality this difficult to understand truth

will have a huge impact over time &

through slightly altered choices

we will soon realize that each

person who works their Y will get at least one degree.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

And don’t start with the third degree.





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