Hopelessness Is All But Lost For Anyone Addicted To Kaizen

One teeny whiff of continuous improvement is all it takes to truly screw someone up for good.

From that point forward, they are hooped because getting better everyday on purpose resembles nothing most of us have ever fooled with before.

Kaizen has this unspeakable ability of spreading completely through our entire reality and the unsettling fact is that unstoppable betterment gives a rat’s petunia about how things were done yesterday.

This self motivating culture has an all encompassing ability to slip almost effortlessly into every crack of our consciousness;

– learning and immediately applying an idea there

– recognizing a rework from Joe Blow’s concept here

– or asking the tough, far out questions of ourselves and others there.

Kaizen comes to the party early and stays late and before anyone can holler “throw down the hero ladder!” boxes will be clambered over and out, zebras will change

their stripes, leopards will shape-shift if

not change their spots and suddenly

we’re transcending obstacles with

curiosity and whet anticipation.

Probably good to think for two

secs before snagging a ride on

the Kaizen stagecoach because

once that baby starts rolling

all whining or bitching gets

surrounded by solutions

and no complaint ever

acts the same again.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

This is a religion without meetings and a person only has to pray to themselves whenever they want.


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