I Asked My Father To Go. Why Do You Insist On Holding On? I Wish I Hadn’t Said.

Many folks will be looking after their parents.

They may not know it yet but old timers

ain’t cashing in their chips as quickly

as they used to and elders aren’t

dying to move out of old folks

centers as fast as the young

ancients need so that pretty

much leaves private nursing

which can get damn expensive

lessen you got yerseff some stupid chillen.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

I looked after my 84 year old father for the last couple of months of his life. Away from my family on account of my father living in timbucktwo and me living in sin, it was one of the most challenging and teaching periods of my life.

Uh, don’t want to do dat twice doh…

Health care workers have a tough job and it ain’t gonna get easier until it gets harder.

Very good short story about the plight facing senior care-givers here: (I wish we didn’t need unions. That’s the world I’m typing for…)



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