If I Eat You Its Cannibalism. If I Consume Your Effort Its Called Capitalism.


Most folks do not work for themselves.

Nope, they toil under the guidance of some supposed benefactor

to which the lion’s share of their beneficial production is

directed. As long as The Boss has tasks that he/she

don’t want to do themselves the employee will

have a mission to accomplish but as soon

as NimrodTheGreat runs out of tough

stuff to complete their rep (you)

will realize that all the while

they felt beholden to

another they were actually wholly dependent on themselves.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



8 Responses to “If I Eat You Its Cannibalism. If I Consume Your Effort Its Called Capitalism.”

  1. Start working for yourself even if someone else is paying you.

    You can still work for them too but when the time comes for them to cut you loose you will have already been hanging there.


  2. Kudos, Barry!


    Barry Williams Reply:

    I resemble that remark pal.


    Patty Reply:

    @Barry Williams, You are clever and funny and very, very smart!


    Barry Williams Reply:

    @Patty, Stop it mom.

    Barry Williams Reply:

    @Patty, I’ve only looked at your comment several times because that’s what authors do.

    Keep checking them same pockets, I say.

  3. Hey, might find sumpin!


  4. I am Siamese if you please.
    I am Siamese if you don’t please.


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