If Only I Were Half As Smart As I Thought

Bill Clinton I did not have sex with that woman

My legs run nowhere as fast as a part of me thinks they should.

I can’t lift as much as I thought I could.

The pains in my joints are unnecessary, so my mind informs me.

And folks around me could be doing a lot more for

me than they are now but no one asks. Its as

if everything I am immersed in is judged

by a part of me to be less than what

is available and another part of

me should take note of this &

invest some instant effort

to catch us the hell up.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

One Response to “If Only I Were Half As Smart As I Thought”

  1. A part of me thinks I’m a genius and another part of me thinks that genius thinking part is an arsehole. A big lazy, crybaby, accusatory arsehole.

    Then my genius part says Oh Yeah? and the other uh, well, you get the drift.


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