Ima Pile On All My Accidents And Add ‘Em Up Just For Fun


Me being here is an accident.

My pappy used to say.

Said yer momma an me didn’t want ya boy,

But ya came on anyway.


Me workin’ here is an accident.

Ahm taking this job on the chin.

A feller got fired as I walked through the door,

Boss said he’d hire the next doofus walking in.


That would be me.

That’s who I am.

Getting outa then right back into

Every other kinda jam.


That’s me in my road.

I’m always in my way.

‘Cause if you can’t pile up yer own stumbing blocks

Who the hell will make you play?

Not you, apparently.

It’s all an accident you say…


I’m not supposed to be married to whats-her-name,

She wanted someone else, not me.

When we met, she asked “Are you Richard?”

I said yes, though mama

called me Bear-eee.


Sorry, don’t you see?

Accident after accident all brought us to this spot,

This here moment would be squat,

Without accidental.

(So let’s don’t get so mental

bout yer plans puhleeze!)


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.





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