Is Noise Driving Us Crazy?

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Beat it loud, beat it hard. Soon we all will be retard.

What?! I can’t hear you!

There is a huge competitive advantage awaiting your discovery.

This advantage is so slick and so subtle that your competitors would be hard pressed to ever guess what it is, let alone attempt to copy it.

Anxiety Free Zone

Noise pollution is a big problem for almost the entire world and whether folks admit it or not, it IS driving us crazy. Many studies have been carried out which show how high noise levels create high blood pressure and anxiety among a host of other problems.

What if you could turn your business into a secret noise pollution safe haven? After a while folks would come to realize that they feel calmer at work than they do at home. Even if its only subconscious in nature, this environmental control could work wonders for clear thinking and job attraction in your enterprise.

Living In Bedlam Central

My wife and I owned and operated motels along the main highway connecting Canada and over a few years we learned how noise can affect thinking and ultimately reality.

We found our stress levels to be so constantly high from lack of respite from the noise that whenever we did manage to escape the area for a weekend we would usually fall unconscious for 18 hrs or more.

And while we may assume we are getting used to noise, we aren’t, we are only compensating for the maddeningly loud sounds through awareness adjustment.

All the negative effects of billions of sound waves constantly pounding our bodies and brains definitely takes its toll on everyone and it can be quite significant. Please take a look at the links below to see the detrimental effects of high noise levels.

Wired For Pandemonium

graphic of landscape lake and mountain in background
The earth is more quiet than loud. That’s natural.

What would it take to control the level of sound in your enterprise and actually provide a noise pollution free zone? The advantages which would accrue for such a forward thinking entrepreneur would be immense for few other business people are contemplating any such radical and simple environmental control.

If you ask your employees to get involved in the process and I bet you’ll be surprised with the simple solutions they come up with. Then, if things work out as I think they will, you will all soon be working in Quiet Heaven, just like the old days!

From now on, we’ll talk only in whispers.

But talk a lot more, okay?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Washington Post Noise Article

No Noise dot org handbook

Book Of The Day

Squawk is a book about seagull managers who slip by and leave you stinky little gifts while pretending they know what is going on. Its all crapola on the high seas of business with some bosses and Travis’s book will give you some hints how to avoid getting covered in boss type goo.

About the AuthorStaring into blank space, are we?

Travis Bradberry, Ph.D., is an award-winning author and president of TalentSmart.

Staring into blank space, are we?

Today’s Video

Sound Can Be Directed in Beams like Spot Lights

PS. Check out Woody Norris and his very cool invention which directs sound in a beam – similar to light. Pretty soon anyone will be able to totally control their audio environment.

3 Responses to “Is Noise Driving Us Crazy?”

  1. Hi Barry,

    you know here in the UK, our workplace regulations make all working parties within a loud working enviroment wear ear defenders, it has been made an offence not to now, to the tone of dismissal!

    Great post….Ed.

  2. Great post Barry. England is lovely and quiet at the moment. All aircraft are banned due to a cloud of volcanic ash (from Iceland) drifting over us. I live near 2 airports so this has made a massive difference. 🙂

  3. Great Blog Barry, love your hunour. Varied and interesting posts but my favourite is the directional sound. Keep up the posts, I’ll be back.

    Thanks Graham. I appreciate your interest.


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