Knocking Sense Into People – Not The Most Effective Leadership Course

One of my nephews is in his late twenties and needs his nose fixed.

His nose needs fixing because his younger brother broke it

during a fisticuffs conversation they had a few days

ago. Their father and I had the very same talk

many times in many different locations

and no matter how many breaks

we took to speak our fleshy

minds we never agreed

to disagree for over

fifty years which

might be a bit

too long for smart to get smacked into a person.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


3 Responses to “Knocking Sense Into People – Not The Most Effective Leadership Course”

  1. People have different ideas and beliefs. You should not argue on what other’s stand, you should respect each other’s, in order you will not reach to the point of hurting each other.
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    Barry Williams Reply:

    Uh, yes but if you are right, what we gonna do with all dem lawyers? Hmmm?


  2. As manager of The Canwood Hotel (Canwood, Saskchewan) I was taken on a booze cruise with another manager from the Debden, Saskatchewan hotel.

    The owner of both hotels was Bernie Bendig and I liked him because he was a piss-tank, arrogant and my boss.

    During the second night of our three day booze cruize in Bernie’s motor home, me, Frank and Bernmiester got into an altercation.

    Retard had given me and Frank watches as gifts the night before but on the third morning all we had were big scrapes on our arms from the expansion bracelets being ripped off during a melee we had in some ditch in northern Saskatchewan.

    Fucking Bernie.

    Idiot would purposefully park his new Cadillac out front of the bar to announce that the price of beer was going up.

    I learned a lot from Bad Bernie.


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