Legalized Gambling – The Stealing Of Candy From S’up Sucka Pie Holes

Russian RouletteCasinos & lotteries vacuum up loads of financial value.

They return a portion of sucked up loot  to “winners” who are then tricked into investing their “winnings” until that too is all gone.

Next, the casinos pay wages of sin to many needless employees who apply salve to sore losers, grease to prospective champions and perform the all important counting / (ahem) control functions.

The remaining booty is split up between the mob, government and casino owners. (might all be the same dude)

Any paltry sum remaining is disguised as grants which instantly morph into favors supplied to special interest groups who will one day be called upon for support. That vote of hell yeah is the bargoon one strikes to remain “a winner”.

Players financing these dark holes will continue to pay.

And a mighty few will continue to win big.

While the rest of us snoozers lose.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

If you watch this video while you’re giddyapp on dopey dope dope like Elvis, it makes a heck of a lot more sense. Really!

November 1991 – GTECH linked to corruption inquiry:

July 2006 – GTECH Overview for the Texas Lottery Commission:

January 2007 – Company running N.Y. Lottery games (GTECH) has history of scandal:

2 Responses to “Legalized Gambling – The Stealing Of Candy From S’up Sucka Pie Holes”

  1. Winning loot ain’t about winning loot.

    Some need in the individual – perhaps a need to accomplish plenty with little effort – is manifesting itself.

    That’s exactly why most people will never be happier when they win money. Money is just paper or numbers on a computer screen.

    These intangible needs are being hijacked by the outlet of gambling when some real productive shite might be happening in its place if gamblers had the right outlet.


  2. GTECH is a big name in lotteries.

    Former Governor Rod Blagojevich is a big name in prison.

    They know each other:


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