Lester Ryan To The Rescue

Yes, a riot is needed to change things.

But not the rock throwing or sign carrying or window breaking kind of riot.

I wonder what would happen if more people FIRED THEMSELVES UP instead of GETTING FIRED or SETTING THEMSELVES ON FIRE?

It will take a riot for us to get back to shore but the riot must be contained in each of us because if force and coercion work – wow.

Surely, our progress cannot include hurting anything, including ourselves. That, we’ve done already…

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Tell me you don’t hear Lester Ryan in this humble prayer.

10 Responses to “Lester Ryan To The Rescue”

  1. What if more folks acknowledged their value to produce their “special kind of shite” instead of leaving it up to others to determine?

    Sure, we are each of value. But to whom and how much?!


  2. F… me Lester, you are certainly confusing you know who. but that’s our secret.

    Ashton-under-Lyne. UK
    Bill Murney recently posted..Lady Day


  3. Usury is even condemned in the Bible. But here in the states we prefer to just read the parts about Jesus; which is a big business in itself. Loved the Bill withers video.
    Hansi recently posted..Love It- Or Leave It


  4. Watch the news about Egypt if you want to see all about uprisings. The people want to make something happen there all right.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..Don’t over commit


    Barry Williams Reply:

    @Mandy Allen
    Yes, I see what is happening over there and fear that those folks are living the sins of their state.

    If violence works, when will the powerful stop using it?

    In my books withdrawing support is the alternative. It’s not an easier path but better than passive resistance.

    These corrupt beggars got to where they are with our support and one by one, we can decide to take another route, one still fraught with challenges but also with far fewer threats than we imagine.

    Thanks for the comment, Mandy.


  5. I agree this Lester Ryan this video is produced my eye’s to watched your the great rescuer Ryan ..Im proud with you..Thank you:)


    Barry Williams Reply:


    Thank you, I think.


  6. Thanks for the tips…:)


  7. Hi Barry,

    I was an “inactive activist” when I was a student and one thing that I don’t like with the group is that they always resort to violence or revolution. It has always been their solution whenever they see something wrong with the government. I have no problem with the sign carrying protests but revolution? Maybe if there is too much anomaly then I’m with it. But if they want to change something in the society, I’d rather join charitable institutions and support campaigns for a better nation.


    Barry Williams Reply:

    @Calli @ Wedding Favors, A week ago a 58 yr old guy burned himself to death on the steps of the courthouse he felt had wronged him.

    Few people noticed and nothing changed other than the wooden doors he was propped up against.

    Lighting oneself on fire without simultaneously hugging your enemies is a crazy thing to do. But that’s what most humans do.

    What a waste…

    Thanks for your comment Calli.


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