Life: Go Slow. There Are Curves Ahead

Shit happens all the time.

That’s the job of shit.

You get a little out of line

Life will see to it

That your comeuppance is on it’s way.

It might not hit you square today.

But when it does hit, you will say

Why me Lord? Why me…?

Don’t you see Lord, don’t you see…?

I’m down Lord, for the count.

Let me sip from life’s grand fount.

Wet my whistle.

Look around…

Just a breather, all I need.

Please oh please Lord, stop this bleeding.

I’ll listen better and be heeding

Your word Lord, please believe me…

One Response to “Life: Go Slow. There Are Curves Ahead”

  1. I need this spine.
    Its a friend of mine.
    It helos me whine
    The right way.

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