Mama Fibs A Lot About The Ghostie Guys

She said be good now Barry ’cause Santa’s watching.

I didn’t touch myself that night.

Just the thought of me ‘n Santa alone in the bathroom

Shit didn’t feel quite right.

But mama said shit was real, so it was.

How was I, a kid, to know?

When mama said this or that was true

I always agreed fo sho!

She said the tooth fairy was reaching under my pillow.

While me ‘n Santa was asleep at night.

Mama said the fairy would only leave loot

If I was a good boy, right?

Now two spooks were watching me always.

One looking close at my mouth.

Took a bit to adjust to my watchers

Haulin’ Santa and Tooth Fairy about.

Mama told me one day when I asked her.

If Santa and Tooth Fairy were real.

She said Barry, they’re not but this here is the truth,

Our lord God is the real deal!

Oh great, another guy who’s invisible.

Just hangin’ on my bathroom break.

I wondered how many ghosties are out there.

And how many spooks does it take, mama?


Muddy Magnolias – Devil’s Teeth





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