My Home State Is Hammered Here

Many folks operate under the influence of something.

It might be laws, expectations or religious conviction

but nevertheless, something big this way comes

and its bringing our intentions and actions

with it. This over-bearence is why its

so difficult for most people to

understand that just

because we don’t

have the same ways don’t

mean we won’t wind up in the same damn place.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

6 Responses to “My Home State Is Hammered Here”

  1. I love hammered. Don’t know why.


  2. i operate under the influence of ME, myuself, i used to think inside the box like everybody else, not anymore


    Barry Williams Reply:

    I’d love to take a gander at your perimeter shadow eddie.


  3. Uh, how do you say “I’m not normal” in your language?


  4. I’m not kidding.

    Your short people are tall where we come from.


  5. And your moderation is our extreme.


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