Naked Short Selling Has Squat To Do With Being Naked, Short or Virtuous Sales

monkey wearing clothes

Dudes who walk around speaking in code usually have some good reason for doing so.

Maybe its because they don’t want the populace to know what they are thinking.

Often these brutes act like this in deference to the society they invade

And manifest minimal respect for the culture of the unfortunate

Souls whom they have handily ravaged due to their fitting

Dexterity of effortlessly and callously picking pockets.

These nefarious activities occur mostly because

The simple folks exhibit a desire to gather

In times of joy and strife in order to

Support one another even when

Their actions make everyone

Easy marks and pickings

For sharp scoundrels.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Gathering on the beaches only makes us easier to pick off. I say we hide in the trees in an attempt to fool the buckaneers out of their tall sheeps.


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