Not In The Presence Of Jim You Won’t

Humans are biological devices generating and operating within magnetic fields.

Each device has its own particular field pattern

and these patterns interact and influence

one another through interference,

modulation, and entrainment.

Some folks like my mineral

minded friend Jim sport

the kind of powerful


that can fry

anyone not properly insulated while

ensuring that nobody oscillates

the same around them.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.







2 Responses to “Not In The Presence Of Jim You Won’t”

  1. My mind starts doing back flips and twists itself in nots around Jim.

    Like me, he’s one weird dude.


  2. I better ask my neighbor Jim if I can use his last name or not because if he is forced to leave town as a result of me mentioning him, he’ll probably ask me to help.

    And I hate moving.


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