Now Natural Was Unnatural Or Was It The Other Way Around?

Most folks do something with their hair.

They scrape it off or shorten and condition it

They might tint it and tie it in a pony tail, slap

a bun or a mohican into that shit

or shave it shadow short.


They might straighten it, kink it

and eliminate grey or ginger

Somedaze they’ll spike it, spice it up with fake or

maybe just do a comb-over.


They’re up for anything other

than as is.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.



Now The Powers That Be call it Bailing IN. How quaint of these mofo’s to hep demselves to everyone’s kookies.

Looks like de end of kookie jars to me.

Cyprus Bank Deposits to Be Taxed in $13 Billion Bailout

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  1. Rat here is whar yer save-iors get nailed to the cross.


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