One Dollar Books. The End (Thankfully) Of The Greeting Card Business

Many folks would be amazed to know that what I’m about to say will likely get me killed.

Sure, it won’t be your normal assassination with blood splatter that could

actually lead to some conviction, no, this will be a flurry of “The

World Hates You” cards and they’ll be so cheap and come

with such great already wrapped presents that quite

likely even my neighbors will accept theirs without question.

It’s just a card people! And I was only kidding…

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “One Dollar Books. The End (Thankfully) Of The Greeting Card Business”

  1. Too much creativity subverted.

    Waay too much.


  2. Wait, lets go into the “I Have No Idea” shop


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