Plenty (Yes Plenty) Of Minds Are Far Out Without Any Inkling Of Dee-Stance

lost in space robot

Many folks gag on the odor kicked off by dopamine but still splish it on.

They seem to be happy go lucky most of the friggin’ time and for the

life of themselves cannot quite figure out why everyone elseĀ 

in their tribe is down in the mouth because, jeepers, can’t

we all just get along and is it necessary to drink the

entire bottle. Isn’t that why they make tops? So

people can drink half-bottles? Course, these

stoners have no idea what crappola is

spewing from their oh so pliable

pie holes because they’re

not somber nor sober, they’re normally facking stoned, Stoned, STONED!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Dagnabbit, yer feedin’ yer head!

3 Responses to “Plenty (Yes Plenty) Of Minds Are Far Out Without Any Inkling Of Dee-Stance”

  1. Even happy people can make happy people sick.

    Fucking fake happy bastard, they’ll say.


  2. I fucking hate these elevator shoes


  3. Just let me be fat.

    Let me look good fat.

    Not like the Colonel.

    All dressed in white.


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