Rules For The Game Of Life


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Choose Happy and Spread It

Not many folks know about the game of life.

Oh, they know that a game is on but they sure don’t think they are playing in it. “Where’s my gear, then?” they ask.

Take a look around. No one here is wearing any gear.

They’re dressed to play, not to bang into the edges of the game or each other.

This line is happy just being here. So should we.

Tag – You’re It

That’s the game we’re in: Tag.

In this version of the scheme, you and I are involved in a life and death struggle to touch as many people as possible before we are dismissed from life. Yes, I know some folks are cheating by getting big headstones with stuff written on them in rock so they can continue to transmit tag code even after their expiration date but the festivity we are discussing here has more to do with live influence.

This is how I see the contest unfolding:

  • there is an unannounced challenge among all humans to see who can do the most harm or good
  • most folks choose the good route
  • a way to do the most good is to develop the largest following and get them to help with our work
  • the good folks we are attempting to attract into our clan live underground in a faraway land without radio, mail or idea runners
  • our job is to come up with some ingenious methods of contacting those folks to let them know about our clan
  • as soon as a few of them know we are here for them, they’ll tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends
  • once they start coming over to our side we will likely have to limit their number to maintain high service
  • all our earlier concerns with finding will shift to keeping and growing
  • whoever positively influences the most people wins

Get In The Game

graphic of price tag saying one half off
Yeah. Not This Kind of Tag

You can play if you think you can and anybody who can prove they have something good worth spreading is automatically onboard.

Its simple. So simple. Get Happy. Make Happy. Sow Happy.

And let’s play to win, okay?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

PS. Tim Minchin knows about the rules of life. See if you don’t agree with him.

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  1. Barry – I like your blog. It’s certainly different, but seems to hit the nail right on the head.



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