Running Out Front Of Charging Cattle Is Plenty ‘O Fun Unless One Falls

get ahold of your own world first

Anyone who has ever been kicked by an animal dreads being trampled by them

because if their hooves pain that much sideways how much agony can they

bring to bear trouncing some sorry arse into the ground? Even modest

numbers of cloven footed beasts heading toward them captures

the full attention of those who are horde familiar and sets

their hearts a-pounding because they know that once

stampedes start they don’t stop until whatever

disturbance that incited the commotion

is obliterated. Behind the noisy and

precarious conditions borne in

Distress Ditch is the faint

understanding that

whatever was before is now

decimated and must be considered

consumed by instinct.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

The value of rings comes and goes. See here:

3 Responses to “Running Out Front Of Charging Cattle Is Plenty ‘O Fun Unless One Falls”

  1. yeah. explain this one to the pension funds.

  2. 25% evaporation rate means people have to get beyond numbers and back, waay back into life.

    Into living with smaller numbers. they are only numbers.

  3. meaning everyone has to pitch in.

    safety in numbers and all that.

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