I Must Be Mentally ill Or I Wouldn’t Be Doing This

No Doubt About It, I'm Over The EdgeRecently, a fellow whom I greatly respect questioned my sanity.

I appreciate this dude because he is intelligent, perceptive and cares about people.

So his observation regarding my mental state certainly gave me pause to contemplate real-ity.

Right bonkers I am

Turns out he is right – I am ailing BIG TIME.

I might even be close to CRACKING!

And just a wee bit of what is getting my tummy twisted is this friggin neighborhood I find myself trapped in.

  • Bullshit Sandwich Anyone?elected self serving grinning like gold civic leaders constant lies of omission. The shite they don’t tell us is often more important than the stinky stuff they do say.
  • When Lips Movethe malarkey / fake reality we are told by every share selling, self serving corporation. (who want to sell more shares)
  • Mel Gibson’s Drunk … Again?!obfuscation oozes everywhere from corporate owned self serving propaganda professionals.
  • Five Years in the Slammer for a Plant a self serving witch believing culture lazily / crazily controlled by many laws few obey.
  • God & Me Is Tight big pocketed, self serving religious leaders fleecing flocks and singing songs.
  • The My Way Hi-Way – we are slaves to a sad, self serving will to power which afflicts us all.

This, plus the fact that there is seemingly little I can do to alter my own life let alone the lives of my comrades causes me to feel that existence is more like a carnival ride than evolution in action.

I’ve never considered myself as just being along for the ride – I want to drive!

And if you think that’s crazy, right you are.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

This is the kind of shite I am talking about: A software programer admits under oath that computers rig elections and leave no evidence. Friggin crazy, no?

I fucking mean it.


I helped my son write an essay for school about the underground railroad. This dude did a wee bit more for the cause of human freedom than me.


Barry Williams http://barry-williams.com/blog

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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      Barry Williams

      Yowdy Mister! (that’s what is said to folks who blow you away with their salutation… 😎 )

      Yes, I am mad as hell and can’t help but take it some more.

      Just wondering how to take it, is all.

      You have yourself a great day too, Don.

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