Sports Stadiums: Where Fans Go, Teams Go And Money Goes And Goes

Most folks know that an occupied kid is a kid not getting into trouble.

They understand that just keeping the little beggars busy allows

any babysitter to predict what they will be doing and as

long as that activity conforms to the babysitter’s

game-plan then everything’s okey-dokey.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

My city (Regina) and province (Saskatchewan) governments just pledged over 150 million dollars to build a new sports stadium in Regina while our infrastructure falls apart around us and taxes are raised through the roof. ( no pun intended)

Course, we ain’t the first people at this party…

In Stadium Building Spree, U.S. Taxpayers Lose $4 Billion

Property tax hike may pay for Regina stadium, report says

The Impact of Stadium and Professional Sports on Metropolitan Area Development



Regina Civic Pension Now Has $293 Million dollar Deficit


City of SanBernadino (same size as Regina) Bankrupt over pension fund obligations



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