The Humor Helix Proves A Bad Attitude Equals Not A Good Time Forever!

Bill, I promise you.

If I make any money off this bullshite, I owe you half.

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The Humor HELIX

This short video describes how humor really helps some people while driving other folks absolutely bonkers.

The theory is based on this fact:

“When Things Are Going Down-Hill, They Generally Pick Up Speed.” – Asexual Sir Issac Newton

Identifying parts of the Humor Helix:

-The yellow ball is Happy Dappy (like you need to be told)

– F & F stands for “Frig and Frac”.

– D & E stand for “Dang, Right On! and Eeeyaaa!”

– C stands for “See, I told you!”

– B represents “Be Careful”

– PPO stands for “Permanently Pissed Off”

– A is the entrance to the A-hold where humor resides in humorless people.

Here is how the Humor Helix works:

The Bad Humor Spiral  (Pause video at 0:18 to follow this ‘splanation)

1. Potential Happy Dappy drops out of the sky.
2. For those who are humorously inclined, the funny stuff hits our Cheer Channel and rolls in whatever direction we are heading in life.
3. For those not humorously inclined, the funny stuff passes right through the cheer channel and is caught in the A-hold area. This is why humorless folks are known as A-holds.
4. For the Bad Humor folks, funny stuff heads toward B (be careful), picking up speed along the way.
5. As the funny stuff hits the down humor helix it flies around the spirals making a distinct F sound (frig and frac). This is where people start to say – “For frigg’s sakes…”
6. The bad humor now flies from the helix and creates more confusion, frustration and anger, adding to the fact that this person is gradually becoming PPO – Permanently Pissed Off and in danger of becoming an A-hold.

The Good Humor Spiral

1. Potential Happy Dappy drops out of the sky.
2. It automatically takes the path of least resistance and follows our natural state – in this case heading towards point C (see, I told you).
3.The weight of this funny stuff causes the scales to tip and the humor picks up momentum along the Cheer Channel as it heads toward D (dang, right on!).
4. Funny stuff races round the base of The Humor Helix and speeds toward E (eeeyaaa).
5. As said funny stuff crashes through point E (eeeyaaa) it will likely generate a verbal response from the good humored person like: “Eeeyyyeeeessssss! as they fling their arms high in the air in solitary celebration.

One can easily see that it is through the Humor Helix that people either are positively affected by Happy Dappy which invigorates their lives or they are negatively affected by Happy Dappy and Permanently Pissed Off.

This is to be expected says the Humor Helix.

PS. When people are caught in The Good Humor Spiral, Permanently Pissed Off people get a little uppity, as the Humor Helix model depicts.

8 Responses to “The Humor Helix Proves A Bad Attitude Equals Not A Good Time Forever!”

  1. This is real hard to understand on account of there being a couple of major pieces missing but uh, no one one knows what they are.


  2. Actually, there is a better explanation than this but its length and depth makes it worse than not knowing at all so…


  3. At first can’t get the illustration in the video.. But now, I perfectly understand it! Humor helps us to have a good attitude.
    Charlenevans recently posted..Surgical Gloves


    Barry Williams Reply:

    And stops us from killing each other…


  4. A sense of humor is a big one point. No matter how annoying or irritable one person is, as long as he/she have a sense of humor, nothing matters but the joy you bring to others. This thing is pretty cool. I just thought that maybe it would be nice if a there’s a game(programmed) to know how high is your humor.
    Born27 recently posted..Online Conference Call


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Good idea but there is a humor game called Life…


  5. Hi Barry! having a sense of humor is one of the greatest gift a person can have. Humor Will help you out a lot in life, to defuse difficult situations and in reducing your stress levels. Thanks for the post and i’m looking forward to read more from you!
    Heidi19 recently posted..Arowana – a prized investment catch or …


    Barry Williams Reply:

    Your are most welcome and thank you.


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