The Same Mistake Three Times In A Row. Eye Ca-rumba Dat Smarts!

Most folks make miscalculations.

They don’t like to admit that

they pull boners though

but not admitting to

the beggars only

admits more and more and fucking more.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

My son called me on a multiple occurrence mistake that he and I had addressed previously.

His respectful but true dat words stung the fuck outa me and I was speechless for a couple of hours.

I felt pulling rank – real rankness – on his ass on account of I coulda. Fucking smart mouth little fucker! Who does he think he is calling me on my mistakes?

Ya gotta roll with the punches baby, this here’s the big leagues! Shit don’t go the way you want it to just because you want it to motherfucker!

Sheeit brother. You got me all wrong. I don’t have to be right, I AM RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Righteousness! You hear me…?!

Yeah, that’s what I should have said to the cocky little bastard.

Jesus fuck, we shoulda spanked that boy more before he started doing pushups.

Calling his dad wrong…

Fucking kid.

What the hail is this silly world coming to?


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