Then This Monster Picked Me Up

Jimmy Saville fucking asshole animal predator

I was sitting on a ledge one day and the huge-er I know walked by.

Actually, it didn’t walk by but over to me and swooped a reacher toward my face.

Rather than ram it’s digits through the soft tissue of my eyes, it stroked my hair while I thought how easily it could crush my skull.

It didn’t and unlike so many times before it also didn’t grab me and wrench me fifty feet into the air upside-down.

I stared unafraid and as unconcerned as I could into the huge-er’s face and then, I licked my groin.

The huge-er emitted a low pitched sound as it controlled fell away from my consciousness and me … I licked my groin.

It tasted good. Very, very good.



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  1. This is a story about my cat Ivan but there are too many cat photos on the internet already so I’m using a photo I had of this maybe not as strange as I thought cat. Fucking madhouse man…

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