They Cannot Stress Enough

Work so hard.

Gotta pay that rent.

Nevermind your insides

Or how rent makes them bent.

Wake up artificially.

Alarm, alarm, alarm!

Knocking back a hit or two.

Can’t do nobody harm.

You go with the swarm.

In which you have been born.

And you don’t touch the fence, y’hear?!

2 Responses to “They Cannot Stress Enough”

  1. This is reality. We have to work hard and keep that positivity in life. Life is too short to focus on the things that will lead us to a wrong direction. Hustle hard now so your future self can benefit it.
    Noah Smith recently posted..Shrooms Hallucinations: What you Need to Know

  2. That’s right Noah. One tiny step in the right direction is all success demands. If its in the right direction even falling will get you closer to your goal.

    Of course, if you have fungi, there is no direction on account of falling up. Thanks Noah!

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