To Get Real Good At Reputation Juggling You Gotta Take The Beggars Out

You, are an asshole to someone, I bet.

Someone really hates your guts.

And another person who knows you well,

Says you’re a veneer away from nuts.


This other person would give their life,

To spare yours for even a day.

And what’s his name pledged what was his was yours,

With your friends, you don’t pay to play.


That guy at work though, don’t like you.

He’s got a schadenfreude creased up face.

And everything, nay, anything he can do,

He will, if it brings you disgrace.


But those Bennett’s have been such great neighbors,

Drive their car always into their house.

You don’t see the Bennett’s ’cause the Bennett’s know better

than to look out when no one is looking out.


They stay in.

Like all good citizens do, they stay in.

They keep to themselves and keep themselves together.

You won’t see a different one of them out.

Better to stay in and show the same out face everyday.

To hater and lover and who’ere.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


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