True Partnership Allows For Strangers Love Paper Tongue Cuts

Many folks think they can go it alone.

While they might be right they’re

not going to the place that

their partner would

have taken them

and without this they are missing something unimaginable.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Don’t look at your watch. It ain’t yours.

7 Responses to “True Partnership Allows For Strangers Love Paper Tongue Cuts”

  1. You try to help someone and end up getting fucked yourself.

    Not just once.


  2. You believe in the postal system and surely those fuckers aren’t sending you sharpened parcel flaps?!


  3. Billy if I find out you have been doing this on porpoise…


  4. Billy, I’m biting my tongue…

    One. Two… Thr – thank you.


  5. This is so true.. You cant achieve big things only by yourself!!
    Tim recently posted..THE NEW iPAD: your questions answered


    Barry Williams Reply:

    You’re wrong Tim.

    Folks can rob a bank or win a lottery without partners.


  6. I’m like so surprised I can type this good when I’m drunky drunk drunk.


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