Try, Try With All Your Might To Distinguish Yourself From Spam

the spam mobile with free samples

Computers are so smart these daze that they alone determine whom is impaired or not impaired by alcohol.

Machines also inform daily on whom is speeding or not speeding and nothing captures

and twists the human image quite like the piles of camera machines

carried in every agent’s Dick Tracy 2-Way wrist radio.

Machines now allow for remote physical attack

around our planet and anyone knowing how

to work a bullet throwing machine has a

good chance of winning most arguments. Our

world is filled with these machines and now they are

having offspring who are smarter and more capable then them.

Humans must now distance themselves from their creations in order to

complete the healthy separation between this thing invented and inventor.

Otherwise, the machines might assume we are competing and we most

certainly do not want thatty that that …

Thank you, friend.

Barry out. 

Inventor of Dick Tracy Wrist Watch radio:



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