When Body And Mind Disagree, Holes “Happen” In Yer Blood Brain Barrier.


Body can leave.

Mind can go.

Go ahead if you want to.

Like a trailer without a hitch,

A horse without it’s giddyup.

At saddle air ain’t even worth two cents.


Don’t look at me that way!

Dammit, hear me out!

We don’t take so kindly to strangers ’round here.

And you buddy are strange.

If you’re anything at all, it’s strange.

And whatup with that crooked smile, it’s twisted grin type strange.



You want out yer body?

I can… I can help you.

See, out of body stuff is what I do.

– I’m an expert at throwing voices.

– I can see what others see.

– My guts have so much empathy, they’re wrapped like binder twine.

– I can get under someone’s skin right now and slip rat outa mine.

– I could be in your pocket too…

– Maybe so, maybe not.

Or, maybe you’re thinking “what the hell…?” and that’s also my caused thought.


So there. We’re back.

We’re back now.

Okay I got you out.

You went back but… I did get you out for a bit.

You were indeed outside, right?


That’s worth something. Aye? Is it?

Tunnel digger. Tunnel bigger. Go figger.

Do you? Or not.


Thank you, friend.

Barry out.






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