When Past And Future Meet That Right There Is A Head Slam

People who don’t have to wait for yesterday

To catch up with them today are just

Folks who have learned to

Anticipate word for

Word rather

Than day

2 day.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “When Past And Future Meet That Right There Is A Head Slam”

  1. We have to move on from yesterday and learn from it. Past and future is 2 different thing.
    Dennis @ Pregnancy Back Pain recently posted..Back Together: Hands-on Healing for Couples (Paperback)

  2. I disagree. The past and future are the same thing. Just because we connect the two doesn’t make them separate.

    It’s when our past catches up with us that we feel that it was a different part and now its back. The past = the future unless something changes right now and not the evolutionary / seasonal / in and out of dark changes we normally call change but which really isn’t. That too is just the same thing moving on.

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