With Intelligence The Yardstick Numbers Move

Two dudes forced to sit side a side at a table.

One talk crap, udder speak crapola.

Both heading naw for the pissers

And brangin allo shite out.

Edden doe shoedn’t

be. Who come?

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

2 Responses to “With Intelligence The Yardstick Numbers Move”

  1. what, how do we measure things?

    That is the problem.

    politics alters measurements at a molecular level.

    and not in a good way. Politics confuses the system.

  2. my friend Jim Russell is an incredible example of the fact that human brane matter scatters everywhere. Tonight I saw him go head to head with a research scientist and a computer professional and he had them baffled with his claim of essential minerals and his long term connection with their influences.

    His passion was remarked upon even as the evening concluded without him.

    And not because Jim was drunk and on high pot-a-toes.

    Just because Jim’s Jim. Jim Russell, Regina, Saskatchewan that is. (and not just so’s Jim can find himself on the eeenternet.)

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