Writing Is Not Easy For Me & I Believe That Is A Good Thing

I am writing an article on employing humor in business today and like every story I’ve ever written, I find it hard to do.

Many times I’ve read that some authors feel the hand of the almighty moving them. All I feel is a touch of panic mixed with a smidgen of confusion and expectation.

Anyway, I will have a new story out tomorrow that is the second in my series on employing fun in the workplace.

This fable is about everybody’s favorite evil empire – WalMart – and how they tried to own the smiley face.

How dare they!

More tomorrow.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out

One Response to “Writing Is Not Easy For Me & I Believe That Is A Good Thing”

  1. I write best first thing in the morning Barry, it really seems to flow then. Sometimes I have to get out of bed at 3am, to get the article out of my system. I write my post with a pot of tea, then go back to bed. 😉

    Other times I struggle, but then I don’t force it. I just wait for the inspiration to come again, usually from something I have been reading.



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