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Rolling in the D’oh!

November 2004 My wife Kathy and I were managing the world famous Barney’s Motel in Brandon, Manitoba. We were saddled with business problems which were seemingly insurmountable and frustration was beginning to overwhelm us. What follows is an article I wrote and forwarded to Nothing up my sleeve Rolling in The D’Oh! A few […]

Urgency Schmirgency

Time is one weird mother. Hard to understand, impossible to actually see and real easy to waste – that’s time for you. Throughout my whole life, not one person ever sat me down to explain how time works. Time was just something that IS. Nothing to it, really. “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses […]

The Undo Button

Every person has a place in their mind where they FILE things. Just a tad to the right of that spot is a heading named EDIT. Click on EDIT and the first command you will see is the UNDO function. Click UNDO and your most recent action in life will be reversed so you can […]