Doan Want Yer Keedz Drinking White Lightnin? Give ‘Em Beer!

Most folks know about pressure.

It comes and goes and neither state

is better than the other on account

of all of us needing times when no

pressure then right away some

pressure occurs but once we

can predict that this is going

to happen, de animals can run dey course.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

What’s that behind you!!

4 Responses to “Doan Want Yer Keedz Drinking White Lightnin? Give ‘Em Beer!”

  1. The song is my one of my favorites from Billy Joel. It’s just that the video doesn’t fit that much with its message.

  2. What message?

  3. Killer video clip and even better blog post headline… I’m completely dumbfounded and am not sure what is going on right now… you really spaced me out man!!
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  4. Aha! My plan woiked! Tanks for telling on me.


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