If We Could Take Time Out Of The Bottle

Many folks show up to work drunk or ignent.

In another mind they know that this frame

of reference is not the one they should be

applying but because they were scheduled, like good robots

can be, they arrived at work when life says they ought not to have.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

I’m telling you, this will work!


4 Responses to “If We Could Take Time Out Of The Bottle”

  1. Let cops cop when they want to.

    Find cops that want to.

    Cut mofo’s loose.

    Lookout bad guyz!

  2. let people do what they want, when they want and set up intersections where anyone can meet.

    The Emotional Grid, we’ll call it.

    All these points in a globe of longitudes and latitudes and parralels and oxymorons and what-have-you.


    But not shorts or leaks or squealing that goes on forever. There should never BE shorts or leaks or squealing with the rat maintenance! Rat?

  3. a corporal on patrol’s job is to prevent crime, not catch people in the act.

    these dudes don’t get involved with “you are both a criminal AND the victim” bullshite.

    They invented little. Unlike today’s “law enforcement officers”.

  4. Feeshers.

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