Battle for the Universe – Entropy vs Kaizen

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Yes, here we go. Broken leg, 42 Smith Street, January 24 at 4:13 pm

You have an enemy bent on your inevitable destruction.

Okay, it’s not just you.

All of us have the same adversary but that doesn’t diminish the fact that this powerful foe lives in your neighborhood.

And if it weren’t bad enough for this ubiquitous tension to exist, it is gnawing on your bones at this very moment in an attempt to ensure you draw your final breath as soon as possible.

Like maybe right now.


How about now?

Entropy – Bad Old King of Kings

Dictionaries reveal that one of the definitions of entropy is: “a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration” but I understand it as ice melting in a glass. The interesting thing is all this happens without anyone saying GO! and nobody will be checking with you to see if it can continue.

So, here we are, flailing around in a force which is continuously attempting to decimate us while the majority of folks are content to let their sleeping dogs lie. They’re okay with keeping one eye on the snoozing hound while tip toeing around the house, trying not to wake him. To my way of thinking, that plan isn’t going to work for long because entropy doesn’t take coffee breaks and it’s never, ever late for work.

Who Can Save Us?

That is a good question. W. Edwards Deming and the Japanese, that’s who.

After the second world war Mr. Deming was residing in America and trying hard to spill the beans about evil entropy and how quality could not be inspected into anything and guess what happened?

The very same folks who were successful in winning the big shooting match thought Deming was a dope so they infected him on the Japanese whom recent circumstance had opened to new ideas.

Under pressure to improve quickly, those wise Asian folks with W’s influence came up with a plan for continuous improvement which recognized the interconnectedness of everything. They called it Kaizen.


The way Edwards and his allies had it figured was that the combined impact of small, continuous improvements would allow Japan to become a world class super power and in only a few short decades they were proven right.

Under the constant guidance of Mr. Deming, the coaches, managers and friends constantly reminded each practitioner that  this continuous improvement stuff only worked through humans for the goodness of all. Their hinting paid off handsomely!

That’s One Small Word For Man

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Faster. Stronger. Smarter. Better.

Kaizen is just a word but the concept it dispatches relates to the very essence of being human.

It is almost inconceivable to think that small improvements collected linearly can attract the kind of evolutionary progress we have witnessed over the past fifty years. Such a high number of folks have allowed kaizen into their hearts and minds that never again will the world stay the same for long.

Consider the effect entropy is having on your own life and feel free to invite my friend kaizen over if you want to even the score.

I am proof that slow, continuous improvement will overcome anything.

Entropy is toast once Kaizen is KING!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Learn about Kaizen here:

Learn about W. Edwards Deming here:

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