Suit Up

graphic of guy being scared with oogaa boogaa you are weird as caption
Hello, I’m Captain Nutso

I’ve been acting weird lately.

Actually, if you were to ask almost anyone who knows me, they would add that it has been longer than just lately that I’ve been acting weird.

Most of what is causing me to behave a little different is that I’m enduring some challenging circumstances and it is difficult to talk or seem interested in the birthday party when a person is packing a mouthful of fresh face flogging cotton.

Walking with my Fear Stick

I guess it don’t much matter which stick a person uses to assist them in their journeys, whether walking stick or “talking” stick; I need to grab on to whatever is around me and set sail for tomorrow’s ground.

If my destination requires clothing unsuitable for where I embark, well, that’s up to me to worry about and no one else. I am suited up for adventure, one way or the other.

We’ve got far too many folks trying to be like the latest celebrity and not enough people even attempting to find out who they are. And that’s why it is taboo today to act genuine or different. Too unpredictable. Too hard to figure out.

Get Unreal

we know you are in there graphic
What sound? There’s no sound…

Society begs for more folks who will take the plunge into Lake Authenticity and as a civilization we depend on those who will keep swimming, floating or playing until they find out who they really are and what they can easily contribute. No matter what get up they have to wear.

Yep, I fully acknowledge that I’ve been acting very weird lately.

Because I’m searching for some weird results.

You should suit up and join me.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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    Barry Williams

    We were just served with legal documents today that show us owing 350 thousand dollars to ex employees. What angers us is the 55 thousand that other company owners are claiming against us. Just insult to injury but we also almost shipped our first big order of wallets today.

    Only two more snags and they can go.

    These are the good old days. I can smell it.

    Thanks friend.

    Barry out.

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