Ignoring Your Gut

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I think I’m having a HUNCH!

My gut was unable to convince me of it’s intelligence – even after more than 50 years of pleading.

It rolled – I rocked.

It flipped – I flopped.

It cramped and ached – I whined and complained and usually did my best to ignore it.

Maybe a Kick to the Head will Work?

It was July 2006 and I was attending a seriously negative business meeting. This was one of those painful decision time meetings where partners are forced to confront the share structure of the company. Six grown men sat around and mostly said nothing while the tension and indecisiveness mounted to defining silence. My paunch punched me out so so bad about the deal that at one point I had to leave the room to gather my thoughts.

My gut was trying to tell me something that would continually rear it’s ugly head over the next two years. If people can’t come to an arrangement before money gets involved, it’s gonna be impossible to agree once the coin starts coming. And I ignored every word of my gut’s dire prediction!

Where’s Your Head At?

Having always considered myself fair to middling intelligent, I was surprised to learn that I had an embarrassingly large blockage inhibiting my gut instinct. Over time I had wedged my noggin so far up my rectal canal that the deep and useful knowings generated by my gut were unable to connect with and fire their target neuron synapses.

Those powerful, unfulfilled knowings were relegated to ricocheting around inside my bent intestines until they could escape through the closest exit – usually as bad gas with noise. (sometimes a noxious, southern noise & sometimes just as a thoughtless statement…)

Launch Time

I don’t have to work with anybody who causes my stomach to churn – Warren Buffet

Lately I’ve started making time for me and my gut to talk and once I cut that puppy loose my job is to sit back and listen. What I’ve found is that by purposefully setting aside time for my body to communicate with me, it now talks about important issues instead of the incessant chatter I heard before our pledge of allegiance.

graphic of intestines and stomach
Now, where to pin this medal…?

By opening the lines of communication with my gut I have won over an adversary and gained a supporter. 

And as my hearing increases my gut size drops!

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.


Barry Williams http://barry-williams.com/blog

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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