It Was The End Of Spitoons And A New Beginning For Dis-Ease

Large railroad spittoon

Many folks get ill due to keeping their emotions bottled up inside them.

This unrecognized stress can lead mental instability and even

manifest itself through physical ailments. Keeping a little

too much of anything jammed up inside us can lead

to a crabby disposition, cold sweating and even

soiled undies if the kept crap happens to be

constantly occurring as a result of normal

body function. In the same manner, allowing

toxic stuff access to our air and other-ways without

contemplation of proper expulsion techniques while culturally

polite may also provide contaminants of all description a comfy, food filled

environment where they can mix, dwell and have their nefarious way within us.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

One Response to “It Was The End Of Spitoons And A New Beginning For Dis-Ease”

  1. Stuff comes out our holes.

    Every hole.

    And we should be careful how we stop it or why.

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