Momentum Gets On You

graphic of chariot race
Winning takes some Shaking and Moving

Hard to attain, easy to lose.

Like so many other aspects of our lives, momentum takes a long time to develop and can be decimated in no time flat.

Where is Your Builder?

I used to perform a short skit on momentum for a few of my key employees and I tried to make a big deal out of the act because this subject is far too important to forget.

Just like climbing a hill in a vehicle, the effort required to create initiative pays off only once the hill has been crested and less input is then required to attain a constant velocity.

Momentum is imperative for vehicles to plow through mud and difficult terrain and at the same time too much of it can create overly dangerous and uncontrollable situations like smacking into abutments,  walls and such so finding your appropriate level is entirely a personal and circumstantial aspect of proper planning.

Drafting Ideas

graphic of two cars racing
Follow Me and You’re a Winner!

Professional race drivers understand the value of nestling their vehicle behind the race leader in preparation of employing atmospheric drafting to provide a sling-shot effect which will enable them to pass.

This exactly the same principle we recognize at work when crap hits the fan. Nobody needs to be reminded that when things start going wrong, they seem to pick up speed in a hurry.

Yep, that’s momentum for you.

You and Whose Army?

We need all the help we can get when it comes to producing tangible results  so why not employ the fabulous power of momentum? Simply by initiating a few projects and moving each forward a little bit every day, we will begin to develop velocity which will either lead to incredible increase or one of the biggest disasters of our lives.

Alright, maybe we need to develop AND manage our momentum, too.

Here’s hoping you originate some to administer.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

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