The Emotional Grid – What Is Up With The Number Three?

Words describe our reality and we have more words now than ever.

So, I’m guessing that we likely have more reality, too.

The neat thing about words is although they have individual definitions the message they convey when strung together linearly can provide a context of reality which is entirely separate from their literal content.

And what most people don’t understand is how much influence a few words can have on someone’s world view and how they can carry those effects biologically and culturally to the grave and beyond. Like the Hatfields and McCoys.

We’re All Humanary Stew If We Don’t Pledge Allegiance To

Songs are outstanding audio vehicles to transmit attitudes, moods, and sentiments that have physical, emotional and intellectual effects far beyond what is rational or logical. No one is surprised when pride and sacrifice flow from national anthems or when rock bands create social and environmental awareness through their popular music.

And while one song, thought or word may not provide any hint of trends or potentialities, hearing ten songs about war, having many thoughts of injustice or listening to only words about peace and harmony will have an effect and leave a discernible pattern on the listener’s interpretation of reality.

This concept of discovering hidden patterns is evident by employing the metaphor of a large sports stadium.

  • From the stadium’s field level, members in a marching band seem to be moving in chaotic and hap-hazardous directions. From the seating area every audience member can see formations and drill patterns expertly executed through careful planning.
  • From the seating area, everyone in the audience can see aisles, rows, corridors and seats. From the field level, the audience appears like a somewhat organized mass of chaos.

That is the way nature has worked and seems to continue to evolve; patterns are everywhere but recognizable only from the correct vantage point.

Crazy Nick and Three Times Three Times Three

Nikola Tesla, the Serbian / American genius inventor of our electrical grid and AC current was one weird dude.

Weird because he thought of things that the average person would not and could not but also weird because it seemed that he gave some mundane aspects of reality a tad too much attention.

That was Nick, always taking things to the point where average people might rightly call him obsessive and deranged. Captain T even became possessed with the number three and really it’s no wonder – that number was critical to his three phase power concept and alternating electric motor – but beyond those now mainstream facts, Tesla began to see the basis and need for the number three in everything.

Strange and compelling forces ensured he would stroll around a block three times before entering any building and something beyond good manners urged him to maintain a stack of three cloth napkins at every meal. Hotel rooms he occupied wore numbers divisible by three and I have no doubt that to outsiders, his wariness of the capacity of this number must have seemed like mania.

However, Tesla isn’t the only person who considers three to be a fancy little number, its presence abounds throughout our culture in a plethora of phrases, myths and basic societal structures.

For example:

Yes! There Are Lucky Numbers!

  1. three wise men
  2. ready, aim, fire
  3. abc
  4. ready, set, go!
  5. the three stooges
  6. three wishes
  7. morning, noon and night
  8. three concept structured jokes
  9. songs / versus with triple repetitive phrases: mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb; London bridge is…
  10. three primary colors
  11. tick, tack, toe
  12. win, lose, draw
  13. father, son, holy ghost and waaaay too many other religious threes for comfort
  14. three little pigs
  15. the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
  16. red, yellow, green
  17. reading, righting and rithmatic
  18. three strikes
  19. past, present and future
  20. three dimensions of space

While it is true that other numbers are considered lucky, none seem to shine so bright or have the global cultural integration that can be seen with Old Saint Nick’s favorite number Three.

I’ve got a sneaking hunch that this concept of being able to view reality more clearly from the Third Vantage Point is one worth investigating and I intend to do so more, more, more.

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

PS. There’s a lot more to be learned about Nikola Tesla and the number three. Click below to get started and good luck! – There is something about the number 3. It is the first LUCKY number and the way they determine lucky is pretty cool! – There certainly is something to the number three… – interesting info on lucky numbers and patterns – The Complete Patents of Nikola Tesla – three in american culture

List of 3’s in Human Anatomy

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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    John McNally

    I’ve been struggling with the number 3 for a long time Barry. I always go to my local pub intending to have two pints, when I’ll still be sober, but “just right”. Often the beer is so good I have to have a third, and it’s the third pint that makes me a bit tipsy.

    Arthur C Clarke wrote about an alien race that was entirely based on the number three; “Rendezvous with Rama”. It’s a good book that ended up a trilogy of course. 😉

    John McNally recently posted..Top 10 Science Fiction Films

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