The Emotional Grid – Puzzling, Powerful Forces That Constantly Influence Us

“Psychic Resources” is very interesting term.

Physicians employ the phrase to describe the fight or flight response capacity triggered in patients when serious health concerns must be unceremoniously conveyed to them.

Their comrades, the medical support staff who carry most of the stretchers, recognize this “YOU’RE GOING TO BE OKAY” self healing faculty and engage it as a standard method of speeding recovery and ensuring more alive folks get carried off the battlefield.

graphic of snake oil available in pill form

Psychic resource is an understandably western professional description for the same phenomenon that good folks in our culture recognize as “the pill called Doctor” or the “placebo effect” while on the other side of the coin the very same force is being exercised for negative intentions through “Voodoo Dolls” or “Black Magic“.

Point the Bone investigations prove that the power of evil is very real but the jury is still waay out on who is wielding this ferocious force.

This unobtrusive substance seems to sit dormant in every human (and likely plants & animals, too), but whenever it is activated its ubiquitous and measurable power will produce results that can prove both dramatic and difficult to believe.

And besides working 24/7, this force seems to be increasing in nature.

A Good Look at Hawthorne

From 1924 to 1932, a multi-year social study was performed on the employees of the Hawthorne Electric Works plant in Chicago, Illinois and everyone thought they were aware of what was going on.

While opinions differ on what was actually uncovered by the research performed over those 9 years, one thing is for certain; the people at Hawthorne acted differently when they were being watched.

Similar to the placebo effects acknowledged by drug developers and doctors, the researchers at Hawthorne noticed that simply having ongoing tests running at the plant had startling and mostly positive effects on production.

And the type of attention – good or bad – was not the main factor. As we all know, they both work when people are starved for consideration!

More than anything, the findings from Hawthorne seem to support knowledge for the existence of a power similarly called placebo which can be directed through the blink of an eye. Maybe this is how celebrities are born, too.

Anyway, it is not a big leap to extrapolate from the Hawthorne / placebo effects; that whenever people or ourselves are thinking about us, something significant is actually going on and whatever it is, it seems to make a noticeable difference in our reality.

Morphogenic Fields Forever

Not only does quantum theory agree that observers have an effect on the material world, other social concepts like expectation theory and group dynamics also suggest that most humans are directed via invisible and only slightly understood forces.

Pulling back the veil of ignorance in that realm is Rupert Sheldrake, a purveyor of morphogenic energy, and he has some interesting things to say regarding energy fields and how they interact with biology. In fact, it is upon his theory of morphogenic energy that I am building my overlying concept of the Emotional Grid.

My proposition is that we can regain control of this influential and organizing life force by first recognizing the fact that like instinct and intuition, it exists in many forms and can be directed through intention, measured choices & actions culminating in somewhat predictable experiential circumstances.

Something tells me (Bicameral Mind thing) that people who invest the time to perceive their emotional grids will have a firmer grip on the rudder of their lives and will enjoy less bad boat rocking and overboard sailors.

Now, all we need is a little wind…

Thank you, friend.

Barry out.

Please take a few moments to learn more: – The Morphogenic Field – Watch where you point that bone, my brother!

How The Placebo Effect Works

Barry Williams

Much of what I write will be quite understandable to insane folks.

The rest will be, uh, less understandable...

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    John McNally

    I will be interested to see where this all leads Barry. 8) The observational effect means that it’s difficult to get an independent and accurate description of group dynamics. It always makes me smile when rich tourists (us) boast about having a ‘real’ holiday with the locals. 😉

    John McNally recently posted..Top 10 Science Fiction Films

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